What’s the Difference Between Coworking and Office Space?

What’s the Difference Between Coworking and Office Space?

Working outside of the traditional office is becoming more and more common these days, but you may still be wondering why so many startups are flocking to alternative workplaces like coworking spaces. To many, it’s the notable differences between coworking spaces and traditional office spaces that keep startup companies coming back.

Here are some of the differences between office spaces and coworking spaces.

The Space

What makes coworking spaces such a conducive environment for collaboration? Well, unlike many traditional offices, many coworking spaces have a more “open” design. Of course, there are still plenty of spaces for when you need privacy or a silent location to focus, but the chic, comfy breakout areas are a great place to discuss with others the most effective ways to grow your startup.

The People

Coworking spaces are generally the most popular amongst freelancers, startups, and creatives. These groups are not usually found in traditional office spaces. This is, in part, because the more open environment of a coworking space makes it easier to network and collaborate, which particularly suits freelancers, startups, and those in creative-focused careers.

The Collaboration

The networking and collaboration opportunities that coworking spaces create cannot be found anywhere else. While at a traditional office you may be working around the same group of people for years, coworking spaces are constantly introducing new tenants, providing you with the fresh opportunity to network with other creatives. This, in combination with the openness of the layouts of coworking spaces, creates the chance for new and long-lasting collaborations.

The Lease

A common complaint about traditional offices is that the leases are usually long term. Therefore, if you come to realize that your current office isn’t a productive space for your startup, you are, unfortunately, stuck there until your lease is up. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, tend to have much more flexible leases. While longer plans are also available, you can work out of a coworking space for as little as a single month.

The 5th Floor Orlando: The Coworking Solution for Your Startup

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