The Kubert School Presents: Create Your Own Superhero

Create your own exciting characters with comic book artist, Anthony Marques. This class is a great way to get your young artists using their imagination and creating their own dynamic characters and stories! At this class you will learn from The Kubert School how to Create Your Own Superhero as a comic book style drawing! $25 Class, includes all...

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What Is Coworking and Why Should I Try It?

Ask almost anyone under the age of 35 about career goals and you’ll more than likely hear the term “remote work.” In...

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Are Virtual Mailboxes Legal?

In a world full of email, texting and instant messaging, physical mail has almost become a thing of the past. However, some...

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Is There a Difference Between a Meeting Room and a Conference Room?

While both meetings and conferences are gatherings where professionals discuss a specific subject, they require two very different types of rooms. To...

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