Setting Your Home-Based Business Up for Success

Setting Your Home-Based Business Up for Success

Working from home has become more and more prevalent over the past few years. Whether you are hybrid or fully remote, there is some ease working from your own home and being able to organize your own office. However, being at home can easily lead to distractions and a build-up of papers on your desk and documents on your computer.

To effectively work from home, you need to know the necessary steps to free yourself from cluttering up your workspace and keeping distractions to a minimum.

Set Up a Space for Yourself

Find a room in your home where you will be able to work in peace and quiet. Being able to shut a door to focus on work can make all the difference in the world. This space should be dedicated just to your work hours. Make it comfy with a cushioned desk chair and allow natural light to come in. Personalizing your own workspace will allow you to have fun with your office.

Get Organized

Organization is key to keeping your office neat and clutter-free. Your supplies, books, notebooks, electronics, etc. need to be stored in different shelves or cabinets so you’re not leaving stuff everywhere. You will know where everything is and it means more desk space for other things you need.


Label and Categorize Everything

Whether it’s papers or computers, making sure everything is in the right place will help you keep track of important forms and documents. Folders are the best option for sorting through everything. A paper folder or online folder will do the trick. Always remember when you print or create a new document, to label and categorize it in the right folder so it will not get lost.

Stay on Top of Deadlines with a Calendar

When running or working for a business, memorizing deadlines, or writing down a quick note of when something needs to be done is not always the most efficient way to stay on top of your calendar. You can easily get busy and forget about it or the note will get lost. Whether you choose to have a physical calendar hanging on your wall, a planner right at your desk or a digital calendar app, having your tasks and appointments in one space will allow you to hopefully never miss another important detail.

Be a Part of The 5th Floor’s Business Directory

Located on the 2nd floor above the Marketplace at Avalon Park food hall, The 5th Floor Orlando has options for you to maximize your work-from-home situation.  With flexible co-working spaces, concierge-level services, gorgeous decor, and access to snacks and beverages, as well as high-tech conference rooms for hosting workshops, meetings, and events, The 5th Floor has everything needed for your business to hit the ground running.

There is now an additional perk of being a work-from-home business in east Orlando.  Take advantage of being a part of our home-based business directory at no cost, by submitting your business information here. The directory is featured on the Avalon Park Orlando and The 5th Floor website directories, as well as featured in the Avalon Park Sun publication.  We are excited to help you elevate your business with The 5th Floor.  For more information on The 5th Floor visit us online or give us a call at 407-730-3493.

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