How to Appreciate Your Employees

How to Appreciate Your Employees

Employees are the backbone of any company, working hard every day to make sure everything is running smoothly. It’s always a great idea to show how much they’re appreciated and to keep up the positive work environment.

The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day and this guide will help you with tips on what to do to show your employees how much they’re valued.

Lunch for Everyone

Nobody will say no to free lunch! Gather everyone in the meeting room or an open space in the office and have lunch catered to everyone. This also allows for a chance for everyone to gather in a fun, easy environment.

Give Some Time Off

Everyone puts in many hours each week, so letting your employees leave early one day or giving them the entire day off will show just how much you appreciate them. This will allow everyone to relax and reset for the next week and come in with a fresh mind.

 Social Media Recognition

If your company is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. a little shout out on your profile can mean a lot to some people. Either highlight all the employees in one post or shout out multiple employees and showcase what they’ve accomplished at your company.

 Shout Them Out in Meetings

If you want to be more personal than social media, shouting out your employees in a meeting lets them see first-hand how much you care. Write down some names of employees who have been working harder lately and let them know their value to the company.

Say Thank You

Although catered lunch and recognition is nice, sometimes a simple “thank you” is just enough for people. Words go a long way and walking into one of your employee’s offices and giving them a thanks for all they do will make them feel better about their work.

It’s important to continue to show appreciation for your employees even after a day reserved for appreciating them. Be creative and sincere with what you plan to do and only good will come from it. Showing how much they’re valued will only continue a great work environment for everyone.

Another great way to appreciate your employees is offering them a creative and inspiring work environment.  The 5th Floor Orlando provides team members the opportunity to work efficiently and creatively in a flexible work environment.  So, whether you are looking for a private office, virtual office or meeting space, The 5th Floor has an option for you.  For more information, please call 407-730-3943.


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