The Obvious Choice: Private Offices in Co-Working Spaces

The Obvious Choice: Private Offices in Co-Working Spaces

Startup founders often find themselves in a position of having to decide how to allocate their limited startup capital between various priorities. Spend on hiring new staff, and there won’t be enough funds for leasing an office. Buying furniture for the office would take away from the funds needed for product development, but also prevents the company from providing additional employment benefits, leading to an increased turnover rate, jeopardizing the company’s stability in its early days.

Faced with these impossible choices, it is no surprise that many young businesses resort to housing their operations in unconventional locations as a way to save on rent and facilities. Even Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in the garage of Jobs’ childhood home. While these makeshift offices provide flexibility and cost savings, they compromise on professionalism and credibility when companies are unable to provide potential clients and staff with a proper meeting space, business address, and tools needed for their jobs. Understanding this universal struggle faced by all startups, The 5th Floor is committed to removing some of these hard choices that company leaders have to make, through providing private office arrangements in all our co-working locations around the globe.

For a lower price than a normal lease, co-working spaces like The 5th Floor provide small companies with private spaces housed within their offices. They are generally sectioned off from the main co-working area, with the ability to lock and secure the space so that only office staff can access them. Private offices also come fully equipped with conventional furnishings like desks and chairs, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to cut down on the upfront costs needed to set up a professional working environment. They are also inclusive of general co-working amenities such as printing services, cleaning staff, internet accessibility, and meeting rooms. At The 5th Floor, our on-site reception team is always happy to assist in receiving guests and processing administrative post and packaging, giving businesses a touch of polish to position themselves as a serious competitor.

In addition to providing substantial cost savings, private offices allow small businesses to operate with agility. Unlike traditional, long-term office leases that require extensive coordination for moving in and out, coworking spaces provide a variety of flexible arrangements for those seeking work spaces without burdensome contracts. All of these things are great for any business—especially young and fast-growing startups that may need to scale up or down at the drop of a hat. Private offices housed in co-working spaces like The 5th Floor provide a happy medium between the flexibility of an individual membership, and the security of a traditional office with all the professional amenities a business could need.

If you’re looking to kick off your startup, run your own business, or just need an office space that’s prepped and ready to go, The 5th Floor Orlando provides a range of private office spaces that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about our options, check out our website or call us today at 407-730-3493.

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The Obvious Choice: Private Offices in Co-Working Spaces

The Obvious Choice: Private Offices in Co-Working Spaces Startup founders often find themselves in a position of having to decide how to...

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