A Meeting of Minds: Co-working Event Spaces


One of the main challenges for co-working spaces has always been the fact that desks, chairs, and printers are all things that can be acquired and installed at home. Given the resources and a spare room, any freelancer can set up a home office with comforts and amenities on par with any co-working space. It is a question The 5th Floor has thought about deeply throughout our years of operation. What can we offer our clients that they can’t get themselves? The answer: Community.

This belief has motivated us to prioritize event spaces in every one of our co-working offices, from Muttenz, to Puerto Rico, to Orlando, and even Kuala Lumpur. We aren’t the only ones – look at the business model of any co-working space across the globe and you’ll see that event spaces are becoming more and more central to their revenue stream.

While co-working spaces are mostly thought of as the domain of solitary freelancers, The 5th Floor understands that our clients come to us for human connection and spaces to gather. Ask any of our customers about why they decided to subscribe to our service, and they’ll likely say something along the lines of: “A co-working space allows me to see new faces and feel less alone.” Just sharing a space with strangers can have massive benefits to a person’s mental health. However, The 5th Floor saw an opportunity to create even more avenues for human connection by offering event spaces for people to come together.

Every global office of The 5th Floor comes with a variety of event spaces that can facilitate all types of professional social gatherings. Whether you’re a self-starting entrepreneur who needs to host a brainstorming session with your team, or an established company organizing a conference that’s simply too big for your own office, our spaces have what you need. From seminars to team buildings and corporate networking events, The 5th Floor co-working spaces have seen it all.

For example, The 5th Floor Muttenz comes with:

  • 5 meeting rooms (6-8 pax)
  • 2 seminar rooms (15 pax)
  • An event space (20 pax)
  • An event hall that can fit up to 50 pax.

Each meeting room comes equipped with state-of-the-art screens, whiteboards, WLAN connection. The Social Square at The 5th Floor Muttenz even provides a free flow of tea and water for all event attendees. Premium coffees are also available for a minimal fee. Upon request, The 5th Floor employees are also happy to customize the furnishings in our event spaces. We are able to provide U-shape arrangements, theatre-style seating, and bar tables, depending on the needs of your event.

Of course, because each venue is located within The 5th Floor co-working spaces, they come with the amenities of a traditional office: printers, fax machines, and reception areas, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free experience. At The 5th Floor, we believe that it’s these small details that provide a much-needed professional touch to any individual or business looking to be taken seriously. When you partner with a co-working space like The 5th Floor to host your event, rest assured that we’ve got the logistics covered. Your community matters to us, too.

For more information on The 5th Floor offerings and locations, please email info@the5thfloor.com.



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