The 5th Floor Global News-A Feast for the Workplace: FELFEL Fridges

A Feast for the Workplace: FELFEL Fridges

Traditional workplaces often suffer from a lack of healthy and convenient meal options. Of course, a commonly recommended solution is for employees to bring food from home, but preparing food in advance is not always possible for modern workers, who need to juggle various work and personal commitments. Employees in workplaces all across the world continue to be plagued by the central question: What are we going to eat for lunch? At The 5th Floor in Muttenz, Switzerland, the FELFEL Fridge provides the answer.

With the motto “Good Food at Work,” the FELFEL Company takes a new approach to the standard vending machine by offering fresh, healthy meal options instead of the standard stash of junk food and candy. Their FELFEL Fridge has been installed in The 5th Floor Muttenz coworking space to provide the T5F community with a consistent and convenient supply of ready-made food that they can grab to go at any time during the work day.

Operated entirely by the FELFEL Company, the Fridge is restocked 3 – 5 times per week with a vast variety of fresh snacks and meals created by professional partner chefs from local Swiss businesses. These options range from hearty meals like Chicken and Sweet Potato Protein Bowls and Conchiglie alla Caprese pasta, to quick snacks such as buttered pretzels and plum yogurt parfaits, as well as desserts for a sweet pick-me-up, including the Bündner Nusstorte, a traditional Swiss walnut cake. The menu changes every week, with exciting new options awaiting discovery every time T5F members visit the space.

The 5th Floor Muttenz adopted the FELFEL Fridge due to the convenience and ease of use it provides to T5F members. Users of the Fridge can sign up for the FELFEL mobile app or receive a keychain badge with a chip that they can use to track and pay for their purchases with just a tap of the finger. They can even send a gift to their coworkers through the app! The 5th Floor has found that the Fridge offers all the benefits of having a consistent supply of healthy food for the productivity and wellbeing of driven modern individuals who are strongly committed to their work, while providing added flexibility and cost savings as an alternative to traditional cafeterias.

Unless you work for a Silicon Valley technology giant like Google or Facebook, it’s unlikely that a traditional office will have the resources to provide in-house catering. Many offices, especially those outside central urban areas, are located in buildings without any proper food and beverage establishments besides vending machines filled with packaged junk food and snacks – hardly sufficient fare for a proper mid-day meal. However, without proper fuel, how can any individual perform at their best? With the FELFEL Fridge, The 5th Floor Muttenz has found a perfect middle ground for the health and convenience of our community.

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