The 5th Floor offers an inspiring environment that encourages and supports young talent as they develop their vision, define their goals, and achieve success. Here, you can connect with companies that are working towards the solutions of the future.

A New Work Environment

The 5th Floor offers a modern, high quality space that fosters productive work for individuals and collaborators. Members are offered lockable cubicles, private offices, dedicated desks, and flexible Coworking Spaces. You will also have access to private rooms for meetings, conference calls, workshops and events.

Comprehensive Services

The 5th Floor aims to unleash innovation potential and create new growth opportunities for users. You can take advantage of mentoring services that cover the entire life cycle of a business.

Convenient connection to local transportation networks and various additional services ensure a comfortable, agile work environment that fits every individual lifestyle.

Network and Capital

In close proximity to innovation hot spots, The 5th Floor is located in growing regions that open up powerful recruiting and networking opportunities.

It is our Vision to create and establish a chain of co-working spaces that is well connected with the local economy as well as our other locations globally. This network of industry partners allows talent and entrepreneurs to grow and elevate their business in a productive and collaborative environment.


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