Workplace Trends to Be on The Lookout For in 2022

Workplace Trends to Be on The Lookout For in 2022

The pandemic has revolutionized how we think about workplaces, and the past two years have been anything but predictable. However, 2022 is looking promising as new jobs become available. For employees continuing to return to work and employers reevaluating what that will entail, here are a few exciting office trends to consider in the new year.

More Freelance Work

The Great Resignation saw a mass exit of full-time employees. Many took time off to take care of themselves and their families, and never returned to the office. To fill this temporary gap, 2021 saw a 34% hiring increase in hiring independent workers, including gig employees, contractors, and other freelancers, according to Small Business Labs. It is expected that freelance work will become more popular in the coming years because the ability to work independently and maintain a flexible work schedule is enticing and beneficial to professional workers.

Hybrid Work Models

Hybrid work environments have been around for some time, but the pandemic increased employers’ and employees’ desire to have flexibility, making it a popular trend. For some, a hybrid workweek schedule can include a few days in the office balanced with and a few days in a remote location or coworking space to keep workers productive and safe. Coworking spaces allow small groups to get together and collaborate in larger rooms that are perfect for social distancing while also providing smaller, private rooms and offices.

Greater Focus on Work-Life Balance

Burnout is becoming an increasing issue, especially for employees in households and families in which everyone works. Kitchen tables and bedrooms have turned into personal offices for most employees, making it difficult to separate work-life from home life. To deal with these frustrations, an expected 2022 workplace trend has companies focusing more on a work-life balance. Some companies are allowing employees to set their own schedules, while others are increasing parental leave for both moms and dads.

Workplace Wellbeing

Once everyone returns to the office, it’ll be impossible to continue on as if everything is normal. To deal with the stress of working during a pandemic, companies are placing a focus on employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. According to a 2021 Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report by Wellable, 88% of employers invested in mental health initiatives and 87% invested in telemedicine in 2021. These benefits are expected to increase across more industries in 2022.

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