Why Are Hot Desks So Hot?

Since The 5th Floor coworking space opened in The Avalon Innovation Center this March, the “Hot Desk” option has been growing with rapid popularity!

A Hot Desk Membership allows a member to access any available desk in the coworking space up to 5 days a week, with access to all the amenities without renting a private office. The cowork area is a large open space full of natural light with high ceilings and amazing art on the walls. Equipped with ergonomic leather chairs, sit and stand desks, and sofa seating, the huge windows provide a beautiful view out to Avalon lake – so it’s just a great place to sit and work.

The hot desks are also a hot option because of their flexibility. We are committed to the concept of flexibility at The 5th Floor; this is one of our strengths. We understand that people need flexibility, physically, mentally, emotionally, and also in their work life. Especially in these times, when the way we work has changed so drastically. Daily, we hear from people who walk through our doors, who need an alternative solution to working from home. There might be one person who would like to come in very early every morning and drink a coffee while checking emails. There might be another person who needs to come in the afternoon only one day a week to study for a certification. There may be someone else who likes to come in later in the day and take a break from the desk to chat at the coffee bar at reception about all the news of the day. Whether they need something regularly or a quiet place for an emergency Zoom call, the Hot Desk option provides solutions for essentially every work need.

The 5th Floor provides a space where our members can feel welcome and part of a community and also be able to concentrate, focus and be productive, within the type of time frames they need to work, in the space that is comfortable to them. The Hot Desk provides all this, while being a very affordable and flexible option.

For anyone who signs up in the month of July, Hot Desks will be even hotter at just $165 a month ($100 off). Call us on 407 730 3493 or email us at info@the5thfloororlando.com for more information or to sign up with this special offer.

By: Jacqueline Seaton, Community Manager

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