What Is Coworking and Why Should I Try It?

What Is Coworking and Why Should I Try It?

Ask almost anyone under the age of 35 about career goals and you’ll more than likely hear the term “remote work.” In the last few years, the push for flexible, take-it-with-you careers has exploded beyond our wildest dreams. But remote work doesn’t always mean galavanting around the county in a van and starting a travel blog, it just means being able to choose when and where you work—sometimes that space is a couch, and sometimes it’s a coworking couch.

Did you just say “coworking”?

Yes, we did. A coworking office, or just “coworking” when used as a verb, is a membership based office space—and an ideal option for anyone with a flexible schedule in need of a space to work: student, remote worker, start-up, or small business alike.

So why should I try “coworking”?

We’re glad you asked! Coworking is an amazing middle ground to your typical in-office work space. But rather than making you be there, you’ll want to. Here’s why:

Coworking isn’t all avocado toast and lattes

In other words, coworking isn’t just for millennials. Although many coworking spaces offer a ton of in-office perks (i.e. snacks and, okay, espresso machines), anyone of any age or skill level can find a comfortable area to hone in on their work—whether you choose to indulge in lattes or not.

Coworking doesn’t break the bank

A huge advantage of coworking is having the choice to work, meet clients or hold meetings in a real office space. Unfortunately for small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers, renting out an actual office can be costly. Coworking provides a sleek work environment and allows businesses to have a brick and mortar address for their company other than their home.

Coworking marries collaboration and inspiration…and you’re invited to the wedding!

In a coworking office, tenants work alongside each other, networking and trading ideas in a non-competitive setting. With so many different people from different industries, you’re bound to meet someone new, strike up an interesting conversation, and learn to take on projects from different perspectives.

So where can I cowork in Orlando?

“The City Beautiful” offers so many places to cowork, but the best by far is The 5th Floor at Avalon Park.

Located above a busting food hall in the heart of Avalon Park Orlando, The 5th Floor offers spacious collaboration rooms, high-tech meeting rooms, hot desks, private offices and so much more.

Come work with us! Call us at 407-730-3493 or contact us online today.

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