What Are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?

What Are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?

Running a business from the comfort of your home is objectively awesome. You never have to put on pants, there’s food and drink a-plenty, and you get to work from a cozy living room that doubles as your office. There are hardly any downsides.

That is until a client asks to meet at your office… or your mailbox begins to overflow with important documents… or you’re expected to find space to host an event for clients and partners.

Even if you’re perfectly cool kicking it from the couch on a daily basis, having a space dedicated to work can come with a lot of perks. While renting virtual office space might sound like an oxymoron, hear us out—there are some big benefits of snagging a virtual space.

Virtual Office Space Advantages

  • You’ll Put Your Business on the Map

When you rent a virtual office space, you get a physical address. This ties your business to a real office, rather than to your suburban home or apartment complex. This can help potential clients see your company as legitimate, gives Google a good place to pin you and you’ll even get your name in the office directory (score!)

  • You’ll Get Access to More Space

Even when you’re not physically renting an office, most virtual offices give you some kind of access to the community areas and meeting rooms. At The 5th Floor Orlando, our virtual office tenants are more than welcome to lounge in communal areas. Or if they need a larger spot, virtual office-rs can rent event and meeting rooms at a discounted member rate.

  • Snail Mail Services

Some say the US Postal System is dead, but they clearly don’t own a small business. When you rent a virtual office space with us, we will provide you with full mail services that include both the sending and receiving of physical mail to help keep your business connected.

We’ve Got Virtual Office Space Ready to Rent

Right above the food hall, Marketplace at Avalon Park, The 5th Floor Orlando offers virtual offices, flexible coworking spaces, and concierge-level services tailored to our tenants’ needs. From hot desks and private spaces to high-tech conference rooms for hosting workshops, meetings, and events, we have everything needed for ambitious individuals and collaborators to foster a productive work environment.

To reserve one of our modern, high-quality coworking spaces, contact us online or call us today at 407-730-3493.

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