The Best Tools for Online Workshops

The Best Tools for Online Workshops


An increasing number of companies are holding many of their meetings virtually. Platforms for video calls like Zoom and Co. have become central tools for virtual meetings in recent years, but users often experience struggles with staying engaged and focused during long hours of online meetings. Other tools are also important for making remote work meetings efficient and goal-oriented. Here we present three exciting tools that are helpful for online seminars and workshops.

  1. Miro: Creative collaboration in real time

Miro is a digital whiteboard that allows you to work together on ideas, concepts or projects. Users can create and pin virtual post-its, draw arrows, graphs or diagrams, as well as adopt existing layouts from a range of templates. All of this takes place in real time and is comprehensible to all users.

Miro also offers a video chat function in the free trial version for the first fourteen days; screen sharing and presentation mode are also possible. Important: In order to keep meetings efficient, it makes sense to define the preparation phase how the group can come to a decision – for example, by distributing predetermined points.Miro is available either as a limited free version or, depending on team size and needs, from $16 per month.

A valid alternative to Miro is Mural, a comprehensive platform with many templates, tailored to collaboration and design thinking processes. The attractively designed portal offers comparable features and is available per user from $12 per month.

  1. Kahoot!

The Norwegian platform Kahoot! launched a paid premium version addressed to companies and educational institutions a few months after its launch in 2019. It is based on the playful delivery of content and is therefore ideally suited for learning processes in organizations.

Kahoot! is easy to use and allows interactive presentations, the creation of training material as well as surveys and quizzes. Selected participants can participate via mobile app or via the website. The connection to common video conferencing and work platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or slack is also possible.

  1. ClickUp

A sophisticated project management solution with a variety of functions – that’s ClickUp. If you are patient and familiar with the system, you will find an efficient tool that is also suitable for more complex projects and can prove itself in real-time, online collaboration. Work processes are managed in lists and divided into different operations. A simple, configurable notification system allows information to be sent to all employees, who can also be given specific access rights. Agile project management methods such as SCRUM or Kanban can also be selected via corresponding view options. Time recording, target agreements, document storage and chat function are part of the app and make it an alternative to well-known tools like slack. ClickUp is available either as a limited but functional free version or in a comprehensive paid version starting at $4 per month.

Although The 5th Floor primarily serves members in person, we understand that many of our clients work flexibly and remotely. Our spaces come equipped with facilities such as private phone booths, meeting rooms, seminar rooms and event spaces that are ideal for virtual events. For more information on The 5th Floor offerings and locations, please email


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