The Best Podcasts to Listen to at Work

The Best Podcasts to Listen to at Work

Oftentimes, it is difficult to stay focused and remain productive when in the midst of work. This can be attributed to a loud and distracting work environment or a deafeningly quiet one. Sometimes, the only solution is to listen to something good and engaging to help stay inspired and hone you back in on the tasks at hand. Here are some of the best podcasts to listen to while at work.

5 Best Podcasts That Get the Job Done

  1. For the Financially Focused: Financial Feminist

    Tori Dunlap knows a thing or two about money. Through her podcast, Financial Feminist, she provides tips and tricks on how to improve your personal finances. This is the perfect podcast for you if you’re itching to learn how to spend less and save more.

  2. For Those Needing Self-improvement: How to Be a Better Human

    What better source is there for improvement tips and inspiration than TED? As a part of the TED Audio Collective, host Chris Duffy speaks with guests on strategic ways to improve as a human being. Some particularly relevant episodes to those looking to improve their working habits include “How to Pitch Your Best Ideas” and “How to Talk to a Colleague Who Offended You.”

  3. For Music Lovers: Tiny Desk Concerts

    If you focus better when listening to music, then Tiny Desk Concerts is perfect for you. Not only will you hear the tunes of all-star artists in a stripped-down environment, but you may also discover exciting up-and-comers.

  4. For a Literature Fix: Apocalist Book Club

    Have you ever wondered how a single genre of literature has evolved over time? Hosts Nella and Raven started Apocalist Book Club to explore how writing about apocalypses has changed throughout the years. Listen to their discussions as they read every apocalyptic fiction novel in order. It may remind you of your favorite English class.

  5. For Break Time: Pop Alarm

    Maybe you just need a five-minute break to get you refreshed and ready to work again. If this is the case, Pop Alarm is one of the best podcasts for when you just need a quick fix of entertainment news. With each episode, only about five minutes long, host Dylan Hafer will ensure that you never miss a breaking celebrity story again.

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