Meet the Member: James Cowan

James Cowan of Puls Technologies in the Hot Seat!

There are variety of interesting and thriving businesses at The 5th Floor ran by enterprising entrepreneurs.  Our Community Manager, Jacqueline Seaton, spoke with one of them, James Cowan of Puls Technologies, about what it is like to work at The 5Th Floor Co-working space.  As one of our Hot Desk Members, he’s also a member you can always count on for a laugh, great conversation or a helping hand.

Jacqueline: Hi James, please tell me a little bit about yourself, the elevator pitch about your company and what you do?

James:  My name is James Cowan and my family and I have lived here in the Avalon Park area since 2017- we recently purchased a home here. I work for a start up out of Silicon Valley called Puls Technologies.  We do on-demand home repairs and home warranty style products for homeowners. I’m the VP of Business Development, so I make a lot of phone calls and convince companies to work with us and offer our products. It’s a great job and… it’s a very hard job to do at home with 5 kids though!

Jacqueline: Is that one of the reasons you chose to work at The 5Th Floor? Are there any other reasons you chose this space to work in? 

James: I have a lot of reasons why The 5th Floor worked for me.  I mentioned we have 5 children, it’s very hard to do video conference calls at home because of that.  So, I had the opportunity to get an office where I could very affordably escape to every day and do my work and not have to bring my work home with me.   That makes it possible for me to be totally present when I am home, so this was a great fit for me.  On top of that, we are active in the Avalon community and go to Avalon Church, where I am one of the elders.  We love to eat at the downtown restaurants…many of our friends, actually most of our friends live in Avalon so, it is a very central location for me to be able to live, work and play.

Jacqueline: That’s wonderful James, and how have you enjoyed the 5th Floor experience so far on a personal level?

James: I would say it is professional, but very friendly at the same time. So, I can actually get work done, do conference calls and phone calls.  When I am not on a call I can concentrate and do research for my job.  Then there are lots of people around who I have built relationships and friendships with, who I can go talk to about stocks or cryptocurrency, or whatever business they are doing. For example, we are meeting with one of the attorneys here in a few weeks to work on our wills, we want to update our wills. We are not just doing business here but making friends too and they are just great people.

Jacqueline: Awesome, thank you so much! And have you been to any of our events, or plan to?

James: Yes, I have been to a couple of events, like the evening events that my fellow member, Don’t Trade Alone did, and that was a really an eye-opening event for me. I have also been to some of the social events and there are a few others coming up I definitely want to get involved in as well.

Jacqueline: Great, hope to see you at our Casino Night! …And lastly James, what is it like for you, working at the Hot Desk in the co-working area?

James: I work for a pretty high growth start-up out of California, but it is just me here in Orlando, until our team grows.  I know it is going to grow eventually and we will need to look at office space for me and a few other people.  Right now, we want to keep our costs down and still enable me to do my job. So, the Hot Desk is really a perfect fit for me to be a part of the community, to be able to get my work done, and then hopefully be able to get a larger office at The 5Th Floor when we are ready!

Jacqueline: Thank you so much for talking to me James and for the positive words about The 5Th Floor! We love having you as a member and look forward to seeing you next time at the hot desk!

Hot desks are very hot in August at $165 per month.  This special gives you $100 off the monthly Hot Desk fee when you sign up by August 31, 2021.

Even Hotter in August at The 5TH Floor will be our upcoming Casino Night on August 27th, 5-10 pm.  Each month we host a monthly “Meet the Member” themed networking event.  Casino Night will introduce you to our therapy focused members while also offering a night of fun, food, drinks, music, cigars, casino games and prizes.  Tickets can be pre-purchased for $15 online here.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to UCP Central Florida and ProjecThinkForward.

Look out for our “Cocktails and Conversation” Ladies Night networking event coming in September!

For more information on The 5th Floor or any of our upcoming events, please visit us online or connect with us at 407-730-3493 or!

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