How The 5th Floor Orlando Can Help You Grow Your Business

How The 5th Floor Orlando Can Help You Grow Your Business

Starting a business is expensive. Heck, owning a business is expensive. And neither of these factors are cushioned by the price of renting or building an office space. Depending on the industry, experts say businesses should spend 2–20% of their gross income on rent—but that’s a huge range. And honestly, if you’re just starting out or even if most of the business you do is not in person, spending even 2% on rent can be daunting.

Enter coworking spaces.

Okay, we know—we’re biased. But seriously! Saving money on rent is what we’re here for. Because when you save more money, you make more money. And we love to see our tenants’ businesses grow.

Here are the most impressive ways The 5th Floor Orlando’s tenants have grown their businesses by choosing to work from our coworking spaces.

  1. Grow As You Go

    Choosing to set up shop in a coworking space is great for businesses who are experiencing a little growing pain. If you’re sizing up fast, or expect to, coworking offices allow you to scale up or scale down as needed. That means when your business starts raking in loads of dough and you hire heaps of new hands, you won’t have to regret signing that five year studio office lease.

  2. Get a Greater Bang for Your Buck

    As far as square footage goes, nothing beats coworking as a small business. When you cowork, you’ll get access to a variety of spaces, like conference rooms and kitchen areas, that you may not have been able to budget for in a rental. Plus, most coworking spaces come with other perks too, like free snacks, coffee and office supplies—which not only keep employees happy, but save you money.

  3. Your Work-Life Balance Will Reach New Levels

    Working from home is great when you’re Zooming in your underwear, it’s not so great when you find yourself  “finishing up a project really quick” at 11 p.m. on a Friday night. Creating a real space for work—one with a different address than your home—helps keep your personal and professional lives separate.

  4. It’s Not “Networking” When You Actually Like Someone

    We’d say our coworking space is a great opportunity to network—and that may be true. But really, it’s a great opportunity to talk and collaborate with cool people in other industries. Whether you really would like a different professional opinion on a project or you just want someone to grab lunch with, coworking is a great opportunity to make those connections.

  5. Enjoy The View

    Coworking spaces are designed with their tenants in mind. That means chic decor, comfy couches, standing desks, and so much more. Coworking spaces go above and beyond to give small businesses access to those awesome, fun amenities that are usually reserved for tech companies in Silicon Valley. Plus, most spaces come with an amazing location—like our perfectly placed Orlando office.

Make The 5th Floor Orlando Your New Coworking Space

Located two floors above the Marketplace at Avalon Park food hall, The 5th Floor Orlando has got your back when it comes to flexible coworking spaces, concierge-level services, gorgeous decor, and access to snacks and beverages. From lockable cubicles and hot desks to private offices and high-tech conference rooms for hosting workshops, meetings, and events, we’ve got everything needed for your business to hit the ground running.

To join our amazing coworking space, contact us online or call us today at 407-730-3493.

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