The Benefits of a Virtual Mailbox

The Benefits of a Virtual Mailbox

When was the last time you stepped foot in a post office? For most business owners, it’s more often than they would like. In a world where everything is only a button push away, snail mail not only seems antiquated—it kind of is. Running a business the old fashioned way takes time that most owners don’t have. Plus, with most documents, sales, and other transactions being completed online, moving entirely virtual helps keep you and your business organized.

A virtual mailbox is a simple fix if you’re tired of making trips to a physical P.O. box, buying stamps, or waiting until you are home with paper and pen to reply to business correspondence.

Virtual mailboxes give your business a physical address where mail can be received. Once the mail comes in, it’s scanned and uploaded online for you to view— no work required on your part. Not sold yet? Here are a few more benefits of setting up a virtual mailbox.

Virtual Mailbox Benefits

  1. You Get A Physical Address

    Maybe your business is just starting up and has no address. Or you freelance and don’t want to use your home address for business. Or perhaps your business moves locations often. Whatever the case, a virtual mailbox gives your business a real, unchanging, physical address to use for professional correspondence. An address helps customers know you’re a legit business and feel confident working with you—which means more business for you long term.

  2. Get Digital Documentation

    Paper is degradable, but the internet is forever. When mail gets sent to your digital mailbox, it’s easily organizable and searchable. In your mailbox, you can sort your letters into categories based on topic or quickly find a correspondence using a keyword search (without risking your fingers to a paper cut.)

  3. Manage Mail From Anywhere

    When all your mail is stored on the world wide web, you can access it from anywhere with internet access. With a virtual mailbox, all mail is uploaded to your virtual mailbox, just like receiving an email. So you can travel the globe, or just around town, and still respond to a client’s letter or inquiry.

  4. Security and Privacy

    Just because it’s housed online, doesn’t mean your mail is available to everyone. All letters handled through The 5th Floor’s virtual mailbox are delivered from the carrier to our team. As soon as we get it, you can choose whether we scan, forward, or shred the letter. If you choose the first option, the mail is privately scanned and uploaded to a secure, encrypted platform that only you have access to.

  5. Centralized Service

    If you have multiple store locations, a virtual mailbox can create a funnel for all your correspondence. Eliminate the confusion of multiple P.O. boxes or mail getting sent to many different places and run it all through a single virtual location.

Ready to Set Up Your Own Virtual Mailbox?

Located above Marketplace at Avalon Park, The 5th Floor Orlando offers virtual offices, flexible coworking spaces and concierge-level services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our virtual office spaces come with virtual mailbox services, a business address, access to common areas, and more. To reserve a virtual office space, contact us online or call us today at 407-730-3493.

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